Grass cutting contributions…

Fellow Residents,

Committee members have at this stage started doing their rounds to get a start on collections for this year’s grass cutting which will be starting very soon.

The hedge along the front of the estate near the main road will also be getting trimmed again.

If you haven’t seen a Committee member for your area yet, then please remember that you can always call to them and make their job a little easier!

The details for Committee members in each area can be found here.

2016 AGM Update

The following items were voted on and carried by the residents:

  • Accounts for 2015 were reviewed and accepted
  • Body of work for 2016 was proposed and agreed on
  • Maintain the annual subscription at €50 per household per year
    • Due to the onerous task on collectors, it was agreed, in so far as possible, that the subscription be paid in as few instalments as possible
    • It was agreed to review collection rates mid-year and non-subscribing households will be removed from the Facebook group, so the benefits of the group accrue to those contributing.
  • Colin Grennell & Thomas Fallon did not wish to continue on the committee for this year and the Chairman thanked them for their contribution for the past 2 years
  • The Committee was elected for 2016, with new members Nicola Murphy, Sarah Guiheen and David Gibney being welcomed following their election.
  • Upon close of AGM, a representative of An Garda Siochana addressed a number of concerns raised by residents and again stressed the importance of following the Neighbourhood Watch procedures

Residents Association AGM

Folks – please remember that the AGM is tomorrow night, Friday 5th, at 7.30pm in the main hall of Scoil Naomh Eoin.

Please make an effort to attend as it really is your best opportunity to have a say and affect the running of our estate.

Thank you – Residents Association Committee

Updated content from Neighbourhood Watch!

Our Neighbourhood Watch Committee have pulled together some useful information for you all and this is now available from here.

The new information includes information in regards to home security, personal security for an older person and generally just some common sense advice in how to spot and deal with bogus traders.

We’ve also provided some links out to basic guides for online (internet) safety aimed at both parents and children. The information is put forward in what should be a straight-forward and simple way, and should give both parents and children a better understanding of how to stay safe online.

Finally, there’s a couple of guides from the RSA (Road Safety Authority) related to child car seats and the safe use of them. There’s also a guide for parents about getting kids to school safely – things that you can teach your kids to keep them safe as they grow older and start going to school more on their own.

Residents Association AGM 2016

The 2016 AGM of the Residents Association will take place on Friday 5th February in the Main Hall of Scoil Naomh Eoin at 7.30pm. Some light refreshments will be made available to us courtesy of the school, so please make sure and express your thanks to them if you have an opportunity.

Items on the agenda will include:

  • Chairmans Address
  • Election of Committee Members
  • Review of Finances
  • Vote on body of work to be undertaken in 2016
  • Budget for 2016

The AGM is one of the best opportunities for you as a resident to have your say in the running of, and the upkeep of the estate, so please make an effort to attend. Ideally, we would love to see a representative from each and every household. The Committee that is elected from that meeting will be there to work on your behalf, so it is in every households interest to be involved.

Although the main reason for the AGM is the Residents Committee and any associated business, there will also be a Garda representative attending the meeting and once AGM business is dealt with, then we will have an opportunity to speak with the Garda.

If you have an interest in getting involved in the Committee, then please contact your current reps beforehand, or make your interest known on the night of the meeting.

Residents AGM

The 2016 AGM for our Residents Association will take place in the coming weeks (date and time to be confirmed). At the AGM we will discuss how the past year has gone and what we hope to accomplish for 2016. Election of Committee members will also take place, so this is a chance to make your voice heard.

Every resident should make an effort to attend as it will be your chance to take part in decisions that will affect us all.

We will update everyone closer to the time once a date and venue has been decided.

New site!!

Hello fellow Residents,  I decided it was time to update the website a little bit and hopefully continue it on into 2016, making this a more useful tool for the Committee and Residents of our estate in general.

Any comments, suggestions or indeed criticisms of the page will be taken on board.